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More DragCon Panels Announced! Get Your Tickets NOW!



Yasssss hunty, more RuPaul’s DragCon panels have been announced and you bet your ass they will have you gagged! These panels cover everything from gay gaming to keeping that tuck tight! You need to buy your tickets now honey child!


Adventures in Tabletop Gaming

Geek out with queer tabletop gamers as they discuss the latest trends in games, creating LGBTQ storylines, and building community! They’ll be recommending games that you might want to pick up, how to bring drag to tabletop adventures, and organizing inclusive gamer gatherings wherever you live. With Matt Baume (Rolling Stone, Vice and NPR), Bonnie Burton (SyFy, Lucasfilm), and Terry Chiu (Game Häus Cafe owner).


Serving Facetune 2


The time has come to learn how to edit your selfies like a QUEEN! Your favorite selfie gurus are joined by Facetune 2 to provide live demos, industry tips, and everything you need to know to up your Insta game. With Alexis Michelle, Jaymes Mansfield, and Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams.


Tucking 101: Now You See It, Now You Don’t




Learn how to go tuck yourself with queens who have mastered the greatest vanishing act of them all. Presto, change-o, rearrange-o! With Kimora Blac, Monet x Change, and Yara Sofia.


Dungeons, Dragons & Drag Queens



A party of gaming queens sets out on a comedy quest beyond your wildest fantasies! It’s slay or be slayed in an original D&D adventure, played before a live audience. If you’re into role-play, henny, roll the dice and join us for the show that serves death drops and death saves. With Matt Baume, Drag Queen Kitty Powers, and Drag Queen Fraya Love.


Peaches Christ: Parody Superstar


Peaches Christ discusses being the mastermind behind hilarious drag parodies like Drag Becomes Her, Steel Dragnolias, 5 to 9 and more! With Peaches Christ, Bendelacreme, Chad Michaels, Coco Peru, and Jinx Monsoon.


Face 101: Painted to Perfection



Take notes children! Get schooled by make up masters on the foundations of face everyone should know. With Lily Marston, Joslyn Davis, Asia O’Hara, Edward Bess, Laila McQueen, Miss Fame, and Shannel.


Don’t be the only girl not at the party! Get your tickets today so you can attend all the RuPaul’s DragCon panels!

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