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Michelle Visage Unboxes the WOW Presents: World of Drag Box! Check Out What’s Inside (HINT: It’s Not Shangela)


If you haven’t heard already: World of Wonder has hunted down the most sickening items from around the world – and curated a boxed collection of custom products designed for you inner drag queen and available exclusively at t the WOW Presents World of Drag web page. Today, the dazzling and delightful Mama Michelle Visage unboxes HER drag box and squeals to discover… Her book DIVA RULES! Some Sasha Velour slaying cards! A unicorn pool float! A super-cool, limited edition “Purse First” makeup bag! A squirrel friend in a can! AND SO MUCH MORE! Watch below!

Don’t forget to order your drag box TODAY. Every exclusive drag box includes eight exclusive items with a total $100 guaranteed value. New boxes delivered quarterly!

Included in your first box:

Drag Tots: Collectible Pins
From the new WOW Presents Plus animated series Drag Tots. Get ready to fall in love with baby drag queens Dina Saur, Lady Liber T, Roxy Moron, Arugula and Donatella Mewhattodoo. Each box contains one of five pins! Trade with friends and collect them all.

“Shaniqua” Squirrel Friends
Shaniqua is the first of a series of collectible squirrelfriend plushies and she’s got the softest charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent in the world!

Bob the Drag Queen: “Purse First” Makeup Bag
How do you walk into the club? With this exclusive Bob the Drag Queen designed make up bag, of course!

Unicorn Pool Float
Be the first on your block to flaunt this EXTRA SPECIAL limited edition pool float. It’s almost as EXTRA SPECIAL as you!

RuPaul Metal Art by Jason Mercier
Pop artist Jason Mecier serves face, face, face with this totally unique RuPaul portrait composed with the contents found in a make up drawer.

The Diva Rules: Book
From the Vogue Balls of Harlem to the judges panel of RuPaul’s Drag Race – Michelle Visage shares her experience to teach the children how to unleash your inner diva! This exclusive collector’s edition of Diva Rules features a foreword from World of Wonder. 50 lucky subscribers will get copies personally signed by Michelle herself!

Sasha Velour: Slaying Cards
With these fashion forward playing cards, you’ll be slaying the game with sickening looks from fashion icon, Sasha Velour!

Fiercest Luggage Travel Tag
You’re part of the World of Wonder family now. Let everyone know! Attach this fab ID tag to personalize your backpack or to help identify your black roller bag. (I mean, why it gotta be black?)

World of Drag is shipping NOW so sissy that walk over to www.worldofdrag.com and get yours today!

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