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What I Learned From Jinkx Monsoon, Kennedy Davenport, Tempest DuJour, Kimora Blac, Raja and So Many More in the Synergy Room Panels at RuPaul’s DragCon LA


TL;DR: My favorite panel was Wait, What? and Jasmine Masters’ Class was hilarious! Overall loved being in the Synergy room and learned so much! You can watch Fashion Photo RuView to enjoy it as I did. Get your tickets for RuPaul’s DragCon NYC so you can enjoy the amazing panels yourself!

I had the pleasure of working every panel in the Synergy room during RuPaul’s DragCon LA and as a first time attendee it was amazing! I am no newcomer to most of the shows that the panels were based off of, but I definitely learned so much more from the live panels and being in the room to see the action first hand, so here is my recap and take aways from every panel.

WOW Presents Plus: Cool Mom

Jinkx Monsoon is a Hufflepup. For some reason that really surprises me and I don’t know why. But that wasn’t the biggest take away from the panel for me. It was great to see an adult friendship/parental relationship that is so strong. Jinkx and Nick have been roommates and to still have such a great friendship is so astonishing to me. Living with people is hard and somehow Jinkx and Nick did it and still work together so often and enjoy each other’s company. I get tired of people after watching the entirety of a movie with them, so kudos to them.


WOW Presents Plus: Fashion Photo RuView

I have the same fashion sense as Raja and Aja, so basically I’ve made it in the world of fashion. Of all the outfits from the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 red carpet premiere I only booted one, the same as Raja and AjaKalorie Karbdashian-Williams. I don’t know where she got that denim frock, but none of us were feeling it.

I also quickly learned how popular Fashion Photo RuView was for everyone! So many people lined up to get in for the panel and it broke my heart to have to turn so many people away. But I do have to say thanks for being so understanding. If I could have made the room magically expand I would have.

And check out all the lewks and Raja & Aja‘s live edition of Fashion Photo RuView!


WOW Presents Plus: Bro’Laska

Watching this panel made me want to call my brothers. I didn’t but the thought did cross my mind. To hear how Alaska and Cory overcame their differences as siblings to get to where they are now is so amazing. Also I am a sucker for sentiment so them sharing stories about their childhood was great! My favorite part of the panel had to have been when Alaska showed off the fan art that someone had made for her and given at the start of the panel. To see someone so appreciative of the art someone else made from the inspiration they give to that person is just so touching. I even got to chat with the fan who made the art after the panel and she was in awe of the fact that Alaska showed it off to the audience so long. She was touched and honored and really that’s why we’re fans of drag queens, they truly love us (their fans).



Nightlife Inc.: Making A Living As Life of the Party

As a self-proclaimed party girl I am always here for tips on how to make it as the life of the party! This panel was great, because I never really know where to look for parties and such, I kind of have just mastered the art of stumbling upon things. If you are like me and don’t know where to look, check the Nightlife section of LA Weekly where Lina Lecaro, the panel moderator, writes.



WOW Presents Plus: Jasmine Masters’ Class

HILARIOUS! Now Jasmine Masters’ Class is one of my favorite shows on WOW Presents Plus so seeing a live panel of it I was LIVING! Jasmine held nothing back by coming out of the gate asking the queens if they douche and if they were a top or bottom. She had me and everyone else in the room dying. The highlight of this panel had to be the audience Q&A which really ended up being Kennedy Davenport & Jasmine hitting on attractive men that asked questions and fans offering Jasmine some jush! Y’all ain’t it great to live in a city where jush is legal recreationally and you can offer up a J to your favorite queens?



Serving Facetune 2

I am a photo editing failure. My pics are almost never edited. I will choose one filter on Instagram and call it a day, but I learned so much during this panel. First thing I learned though was that Facetune 2, the newer app was actually free, whereas the first one cost $3.99. So get Facetune 2, because it has so much more available for your facetuning needs and spend that $3.99 on a subscription for WOW Presents Plus.



Can I Get An Amen?: Sunday Service

My first thought was how my Mama would be so happy that I was at church on a Sunday, then followed by oh, snap it’s Mother’s Day. But in regards to the service I was here for the message. The Selah Non-Denominational choir featured a variety of people from all walks a life and the song choices spoke to us being created perfect, which growing in a black Baptist church that is not always something you hear, especially being a part of the LGBTQ community. But this service just spoke to how we were made exceptionally and perfect. I was happy to be able to get back to a part of my faith and not feel like I wasn’t welcome or accepted.



Face 101: Painted to Perfection

Asia O’Hara had all the tips. She listed off every product she loves and uses which hunty, I was taking detailed notes on. As a woman of color I have the hardest time finding anything that works for me and all I want is a face beat so well that the gawds themselves compliment me. Asia answered all the audience questions ranging from Youtube channels she loves to how she picked her standard face. Also that head piece had me gagged.


WOW Presents Plus: Wait, What?

My favorite show on WOW Presents Plus, because it’s like a raunchier, much more funny version of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. I got to be Daddy G and quiz the queens and their live responses to questions were killing me! The biggest thing I learned is that Ongina is quick with the one liner shade. At one point she dropped one that was so good she actually walked out the room 👏🙌👏. Derrick Barry of course stepped her pussy up with her Wait, What? bedazzled athleisure outfit which was everything for me. I’m a sucker for a bedazzled crop top. But the biggest take away is that I know just about as much as Kimora Blac, so that’s where I’m at in life and you know, I ain’t mad about it.



Drag and the Simpsons

Probably one of the most popular panels that weekend and rightful so. The Simpsons has been on tv for over 20 years and the amount of people that love that show is unreal. My favorite part of the panel was a clip that showed all the drag moments that have ever been in the Simpsons and I loved it! It’s crazy to think that even before RuPaul’s Drag Race was main stream, drag culture was referenced in pop culture, through The Simpsons. The other quality moment of this panel was of course when they showed the clip of Bart connecting all the megaphones together and then sayin, “Miss Vanjie.” Got to love when main stream media gets on the Vanjie train!


Overall I learned a lot from my time in the Synergy Room and enjoyed all the panels. I learned so much, met so many amazing fans of Drag Race (and me — thank you to everyone that recognized me from the Alaska promo video, you made me feel like a star), and of course I was gagged by all the amazing lewks that you all served all weekend long! I hope y’all had just as if not more of an amazing time than me!


Get your tickets to RuPaul’s DragCon NYC and subscribe to WOW Presents Plus to watch episodes of the shows that were panels & more!

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