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Watch: MX QWERRRK VOGUING da House Down Hoofs, Meat & Greet RUPAUL’S DRAGCON 2018 (Pics)!!!


AYO SIS…LOLZZZ…Did you catch WOWlebrity Mx Qwerrrk getting piggy wit it at RuPaul’s DragCon this past weekend? The super-cute icon stepped her piggy up with all her fans, friends and Qwerrrkers, looking like a swinepiece in a graffiti-covered, custom bodysuit by  ThesePinkLips (aka Iris Barbee Bonner) x Patricia Field/ArtFashion, and udder-hi boots by Scooter LaForge Rick Owens. “Girl…this is the best you’ve ever looked”, says Violet Chachki. AGREED…FIRE!!! But the real tea went down at the Ace Hotel Friday night when she was feelin’ her oats with an impromptu voguing moment. We ❤ THIS PIG!!! Check out the vid below shot by celebrity photog Santiago Felipe…and sooo many cute fun pics from DragCon kiddies, including Trixie MattelAja, Monique Heart, Blair St. ClairJeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Willam, Naomi Smalls, Pandora Boxx, Kitty Powers, Boulet Brothers, Candy Ken, Meatball, Ricky Rebel, World of Wonder Co-Founder Fenton BaileyKameron Michaels, Art Arya & Pangina Heals (Drag Race Thailand) and More! (pics by Santiago Felipe)

Instagram Photo

Jayjay Kings

Ricky Rebel


Monique Hart

Fenton Bailey

Kameron Michaels

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Breeda


Miss Kitty Powers

Boulet Brothers

Violet Chachki




House of Avalon

Trixie Mattel


Blair St. Clair

Naomi Smalls

Candy Ken & Petey Plastic

House of Aja…Momo Shade, Kandy Muse, Dahlia Sin


Pissi Myles

Pandora Boxx

Art Arya, Pangina Heals

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