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Amy Schumer Interrupts Comic’s Set To Ask –“Can I Do 10 Minutes Really Quick?” (She Did…)


Amy Schumer hosted SNL last night and by all accounts it well well, thanks in part maybe to some off-site rehearsal…

Schumer showed up unannounced at Carolines in NYC last week with the hopes of running through her upcoming SNL monologue from last night’s show while up-and-coming comic, Brendan Sagalow was headlining. The New York Post reported,

“She basically came in and went to the manager and asked if she could get up [on stage]. The manager said Brendan has just gotten up. She asked for 10 minutes and the manager was explaining how he was doing a long set to which she said,

‘But, I’m Amy Schumer!'”

Schumer asked another comic who Sagalow was and was told this night was a big deal and his friends and family were there. But Post reported,

“After he said that, she literally barged on stage.”

In video posted on the Carolyn’s Instagram page (since deleted) Schumer can be heard saying,

“Brendan! It’s Amy Schumer, can I do 10 minutes really quick?”

Sagalow responded,

“Of course.”

The Post’s spy reported,

“It was pretty fucked up, but I think it was pretty amazing.”

Schumer’s set went well, according to another audience member

“The crowd was happy to see her, and Brendan crushed when he got back on stage… despite such an odd thing happening.”

Sagalow recounted the experience on his podcast, The Stupid Little Podcast, Wednesday.

“I’m five minutes into my set, I’m doing some crowd work … and then from off to the side, I hear,

‘Hey Brendan! It’s Amy Schumer! Can I do 10 minutes?’

In the middle of my set … I look over and it’s Amy, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, of course!’ I had no other reaction … When I’m walking off I’m like, ‘OK …’ But I’m actually happy — I’m like,

‘This is a good thing! This is a great thing!’

Everybody thinks I’m friends with Amy, she knows my name, she said she follows me on Instagram, which she mentioned. She said she ‘loves Brendan as a comic.’ She doesn’t. You put the quarter in, you play the game.”

Everybody was like, ‘You should be mad, what a bitch, that’s an awful thing to do.’ Which.. it is. It is a pretty shitty thing to do at my first headlining set with all my friends and family there, but I think it’s a good thing.. I thought it was awesome, because everybody else’s headlining set at Carolines, nobody talks about it.”

A source close to Schumer told The Post that she said she had texted Sagalow beforehand letting him know she would come by and that the two are “good friends.” A rep for Schumer declined to comment.

Below is her opening monologue, which one assumes is some version of the set she performed. (Bottom line: she IS funny.)


(Photo, NBC/SNL; via NY Post)

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