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Guinness Book of World Records Attempt at “Largest Orgy in Human History” in Sin City, June 2


The website says relationship experts Holli and Michael, will MC. MC?

Well, it might not happen because, as I just posted, today is The Rapture. But in case that turns out not to be true…

On June 2, Vegas is hosting the World’s Largest Orgy where hundreds will fuck like mad to attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Sin City 8 will takeover Embassy Suites with different themes, contests and parties. (Embassy Suites? It’s not exactly The Bellagio, kids.) So far, 1,000 people have confirmed, with more to come. (Get it?!)

According to the website, amenities provided are;

22 queen size beds
• yoga mats (tantric sex?)
• over 2,000 condoms
• lube
• baby wipes
• tissues
• towels
• bottled water
• breath fresheners
• roaming supply carts

(They left out Purell.)

There will also be “orgy monitors” and an “orgy concierge” on patrol to make sure all participants are comfortable –and consensual.

Masquerade masks, a la Eyes Wide Shut, will provide privacy and cosplay allure to those who want to remain anonymous.

We’re told official Guinness World Record regulations will be observed. I guess someone from the organization has to witness the debauchery firsthand.

In 2015 Japan set an (unofficial) world record with 250 men and 250 in the world biggest orgy to date…

(via The Blast)

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