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Get Ready for the Premiere of ‘Sell It Like Serhant’ and Check Out Our Exclusive Interview With Ryan Serhant!


In anticipation for the premiere of Sell It Like Serhant this week we chatted with jet-setting, selling machine Ryan Serhant and got more of an inside scoop on the show and what to expect! Sell It Like Serhant follows Ryan Serhant as he goes to assist struggling sales people across the country and turn their lacking performance into top notch sales abilities!

CP: How does Sell It Like Serhant differ from what fans are used to watching you do on Million Dollar Listing NY?

The only things that are the same between the shows are me, my suits, and selling. Other than that, everything is different. Million Dollar Listing NY follows me and Fred and Steve through our personal and professional lives as we sell high end real estate in New York and beyond. On Sell It Like Serhant, instead of every episode being a different property I’m trying to sell, every episode is a different salesperson in a different business I’m trying to help.


CP: On Sell It Like Serhant, you got to work with salespeople in all different industries, which industry was your favorite to learn about?

Honestly – and this may sound like a lame answer – I loved all of them. All of the businesses are SO different. Obviously learning about commercial real estate in one episode was closer to home for me, but it was just as interesting as learning about how hot tubs and body lotion were made and sold. But if I had to pick ONE, then I’d say the wine episode. Because in order to learn how to sell it, I had to learn how to make it…and drink it!

CP: How has working in real estate prepared you for helping those who were on Sell It Like Serhant?

Working in real estate in New York gave me all the preparation I needed to help people on Sell It Like Serhant. That’s how the show came about in the first place! Since Million Dollar Listing NY came out in 2012, salespeople from every industry all over the world have reached out to me. They send me emails saying how the way I negotiated in that one episode helped them sell more tires in Iowa, or more wine, or more in ground pools. It’s crazy. I never thought in a million years other salespeople in different industries would be able to take so much away from our real estate show. But selling real estate in the craziest market in the world to some of the toughest clients out there for the last decade has prepared me to help anyone sell anything.

CP: What advice do you have for other salespeople who may be struggling in their fields?

Call me and maybe you can be on season 2! Hah! I would say if your struggling to go back to basics. Remember making a sale comes AFTER making a relationship. So focus on making friends, introducing them to the product you’re selling, and then showing the value. People don’t like being sold, but they love shopping with friends.

CP: What are you most excited for fans to see on Sell It Like Serhant?

Oh man, I’m excited for everything. It’s such a fun, different show. I talk directly to camera and the audience, which you don’t have on many other shows. It’s a very visceral, real, exciting, show. And you will learn something in each episode – about how to sell, of course, but about the businesses as well. But if you just want to see me in a speedo, a dress, or overalls cutting down a tree – the show has that too.

CP: In your own words, why should fans of Million Dollar Listing watch Sell It Like Serhant?

Fans of Million Dollar Listing should watch Sell it Like Serhant because it has all the fun elements of MDL, and the houses and the tough sellers are just replaced by businesses and struggling salespeople. Also I’m in both – and I’m crazy. So enjoy : – )


Be sure to tune in to the premiere of Sell It Like Serhant on Wednesday, April 11th @ 10/9c on Bravo!

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