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#PictureThis: Photographer Ruben Natal-San Miguel Shoots the Dealers at AIPAD Photo Fair in NYC


Each year in April, photography dealers from around the world land in New York for the Association of International Photography Art Dealers, AIPAD. Now in its 38th edition, it’s being held at Pier 94 for the second year. It was at the Park Avenue Armory up until 2016. With the dealers comes an array of work from vintage to today, and the focus is always Photography with a capital P.

Photographer Ruben Natal-San Miguel in exclusive pics for The Wow Report, decided to spotlight some of the 96 dealers themselves in their booths. For people who are literally behind the person behind the camera, Ruben somehow got these folks cooperate and even collaborate. As one of the greats said,

A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” —Edward Steichen

Brian Clamp- Clampart, NYC

Spencer Thorockmorton – Throckmorton Fine Art NY

John Cowey- Gitterman Gallery, NY

Camila Knowles- Rolf Art Gallery Buenos Aires, Argentina

Catherine et André Hug- Paris , France

Stephen Bulger- Stephen Bulger Gallery

Charles Hartman – Hartman Fine Art

Kat Kiernan & Jefferson Hayman (photographer)

Robert Mann & Caroline -Robert Mann Gallery

Nailya Alexander Gallery

Photographer Joe Baio’s Installation

Anne Griffin @ Joe Baio Installation

Staley-Wise Gallery

Catherine Edelman – President of AIPAD, Catherine Edelman Gallery

Julie Saul- Julie Saul Gallery

Anna Silkman- Jackson Fine Art Gallery , Atlanta , Ga.

Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, NYC

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

Tess Sol Schwab – Jenkins Johnson Gallery – San Francisco

Kris Graves @ KG Projects

Grayson Dantzic & Julie Graham @ APAG

Yancey Richardson, Yancey Richardson Gallery

Karen Marks – Howard Greenberg Gallery , NYC

Anika Dawkins – Anika Dawkins Photographic Fine Art Atlanta, Ga.

Steven Kasher & Crew -Steven Kasher Gallery NYC

Kellie McLaughlin -Aperture Foundation NYC

Steven Bulger Gallery .Toronto, Canada

Vered- Private Art Dealer

Margery Newman- AIPAD PR

Bruce Silverstein – Bruce Silverstein Gallery NYC

(Photographs, Ruben Natal-san Miguel)

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