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#Controversy: Are You a #ResistTraitor If You Watch “Roseanne”!? (Which Side Are You On…?)


Have you been shamed on social media for watching a TV show? Roseanne returned last night for a 10th season and the jury is still out on whether it’s OK to watch or not.

It’s no secret Roseanne, in real life, is a Trump supporter (she voted for him) and no matter what you think of the reboot, some people think you are weak if you can’t NOT watch.

Fierth.com‘s Brian Mills was not having it and said in a post,

Watching and Supporting ROSEANNE is the normalization of Trump culture. You stand for nothing if you cant resist a sitcom. Shame on you.

Not shocked at all that so many gays watched, and will continue to watch Roseanne. Many of the same gays that couldn’t boycott FI Pines when they supported Republican trash. What a sad group of individuals.

Good thing this generation had gay rights handed to them so they can take it for granted – while they support TV personalities that represent support for those who want to take it away.” #gayshame

Harsh, yes, but I see his point. I didn’t watch, but I might.

Spoiler alert, if you’d rather not know… According to Yahoo,

Roseanne Conner voted for Donald Trump, and her sister, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf), voted for — well, someone else. As the show restarts, the sisters haven’t spoken for a year.

The presentation of these details is both blunt (Jackie tells Roseanne she “voted for the worst person in the world”) and coy (the show never utters the names “Trump” or “Hillary” but rather “that man” and “that woman”…

In the opening scene on Tuesday, Roseanne and Dan sit at the kitchen table counting out their prescription pills — their lousy new health care coverage only affords them, as Dan winsomely puts it, “half the drugs for twice the price.” Since these residents of Lanford, Ill., presumably benefited from Illinois’s quick-witted attempts to protect the Affordable Care Act from being completely destroyed by Trump forces, you’d think a woman as savvy as Roseanne would have figured out a full year into Trump’s presidency that her man is just refilling the swamp. Not at all, unfortunately.

Where Jackie seems genuinely shaken by the election result and its aftermath, Roseanne is far more cavalier, and here the series gets at something few TV shows — and I’m including news programming here — are willing to point out, which is that most Trump voters still seem unconcerned about the danger that the rest of the country believes this new president poses to everyone.

For Roseanne Conner, Trump is just the latest manifestation of her let’s-shake-things-up approach to life. And there’s a lot to shake up too. If the new Roseanne sometimes feels a little stiff — as though it hasn’t quite settled on its tone yet — it can probably be ascribed to two behind-the-scenes influences. The first, of course, is Roseanne herself: Barr is nothing if not the author of her own story, and she’s made a career, if not a legend, out of blending the edges where Roseanne Barr and Roseanne Conner merge.

The controversy must have worked as the premiere had a whopping 18.1 million viewers. Whatever your politics –I’m just ASSUMING you’re smart and you hate Trump– Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8PM on ABC.


Or don’t. Last time I checked it was still a free country and ratings weren’t votes. But don’t tell Roseanne –or Trump.

(Photo, ABC; via Yahoo)

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