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“Sometimes I’ll do something & I’ll think, “That’s so Raven.” Other times I’ll do something and I’ll be like, “That was not very Raven.”” – Zach Galifianakin

“Excuse me, cat, can I have a hug?”

my fren is smoll
but is much fluff
we hav so fun
jus doin stuff

i lov him much
an ly in bed
i giv him hug
an bite his hed

I would have just written “not to scale”; and then gone back to my lesson …

Sneeze so good! from r/aww

I feel for her. I’m allergic to cats too.

Not sure how to feel about this honey container from r/funny

I’m not just sure you’ll love this .. I’m HIV positive you will! (I hate/love that Cartman is a constant voice in my head).

Thanks for the heads up. from r/funny

I give this Dunkin Donuts 3 cops out of 5.

Love you, mean it! xoxo

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