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#LGBTQ: That Time Nancy Pelosi Hung Out in a Gay Bar To Watch Herself on “Drag Race”


The TV at Nellie’s gay bar on Thursday was tuned to VH1 for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. As Nancy Pelosi sashayed in, someone yelled


Guests paid $25 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to be there and they wanted hugs and selfies.

The bar’s owner Doug Schantz said,

Back when I came out, gay bars I went to didn’t even have windows. Who would have ever thought we should have someone like Nancy come here, and be on this show?

Pelosi has always been a supporter of LGBTQ rights and was criticized for even mentioning the AIDS epidemic as a priority when she came to Congress 30 years ago,

Every time I went on a show, the first question was ‘Do you believe in gay marriage?’  And I would say, ‘Yes, because I don’t believe in discrimination of any kind.’

Trump has called for a ban on transgender people in the military and eliminated protections for transgender students in public schools and Pelosi said to the crowd at Nellie’s,

We are very saddened about some of the things that have happened in this administration in rolling back protections and opportunities and the rest “We are very sad that we don’t have a Congress that will reverse that.

Someone shouted:


She agreed,

Not just yet.

When Pelosi appeared on the TV, dressed in a white suit and heels, the crowd around her hooted and applauded, drowning out RuPaul’s intro.

Her husband, Paul Pelosi, who stood beside her said he had never seen Drag Race,

It’s a little wild, but I’m from San Francisco.

RuPaul finished the segment bidding farewell to Pelosi,

I have one thing to say. YOU BETTA WEEERRRK!

I would only add one thing to that, if you value your rights, this November,


(Photos, Instagram, VH1; via The Washington Post)

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