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Kylie Jenner! Barbra Streisand! Lana Del Rey! ‘Celebrity Big Brother’! The Top Ten Things That Make Us Go WOW for Radio Andy!


With our fearless leader Fenton out on assignment, Tom steps in to host, and millennial producer Blake Jacobs sweats it out in FRONT of the camera! And James St. James is there, too!

WOWers, World of Wonder Co-Founder Fenton Bailey, Executive VP of Development Tom Campbell, and WOW Report Editor James St. James have collaborated with reality TV guru and friend of WOW, Andy Cohen, on a weekly Top Ten Countdown of the things from the past week that make us go…WOW!

It’s a pop-culture obsessed hour complete with colorful diatribes, opposing opinions, and a dissection-like discussion that will make your drive home from work more fabulous!

You can now WATCH us recording the WOW Report in our gallery storefront on Hollywood Boulevard, just across the street from Hollywood’s oldest restaurant Musso & Frank!

This week, we’re counting down the top ten stories of 2017 that made us go WOW!  We air TODAY at 3PM EST on SiriusXM, and again at 3PM PST (that’s 6PM EST). You can also catch the show on the SiriusXM app!

Let’s get started…

10) Netflix Pick: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy 

We discuss the reboot of Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – which blessed us with WOWlebrity and RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Carson Kressley. Did we love it or hate it? Listen in to find out. The reboot is now streaming on Netflix.

Skip forward to Netflix Pick: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy @01:35

9) Hot Boy Band: PRETTYMUCH 

James St. James has a new favorite boy band! Meet PRETTYMUCH, and listen in to find out how they got their name.

Skip forward to Hot Boy Band: PRETTYMUCH @09:18

8) Lana Del Rey Kidnapping!?! 

Did you hear a crazed fan with a knife was apprehended outside of Lana Del Rey‘s concert at the Amway Center in Orlando because policed he believed he was going to attempt to abduct the pop chanteuse? Get the details.

Skip forward to Lana Del Rey Kidnapping!?! @15:21

7) Kristin Chenoweth LIVE! 

Tom (and Michelle Visage!) recently saw the magnificent Kristin Chenoweth live in concert in Orange County. Listen in to find out what he thought of the show.

Skip forward to Kristin Chenoweth LIVE! @21:08

6) The Alienist on TNT

TNT has really stepped up their game! Including The Alienist – a period drama starring Dakota Fanning about pre-teen boy prostitution. Based on the 1994 book by Caleb Carr of the same name.

Skip forward to The Alienist on TNT @27:08

5) Kylie Gives Birth 

The Kardashians have a new kast member – Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott’s little bundle of joy Stormi Webster.

Skip forward to Kylie Gives Birth @33:43

4) Gay Apocalypse? Ryan Murphy, Ben Platter & Babs TOGETHER! 

Could the rumors be true? Is Ryan Murphy really developing a show with Barbra Streisand, Dear Evan Hansen‘s Ben Platter, and Gwyneth Paltrow?

Skip forward to Gay Apocalypse? Ryan Murphy, Ben Platter & Babs TOGETHER! @39:38

3) Saturday Morning TV with JSJ  

James St. James took a Hulu trip down memory lane last Saturday watching Dark Shadows (the soap opera), The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and The Bionic Woman.

Skip forward to Saturday Morning TV with JSJ @43:57

2) Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Backlash 

Have you noticed the backlash against Justin Timberlake‘s Super Bowl Performance? Listen in to see what we thought of it!

Skip forward to Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Backlash @50:02

1) Celebrity Big Brother

Did you guys watch Celebrity Big Brother? Are you obsessed!!!

Skip forward to Celebrity Big Brother @55:13

Resistor of the Week – Nancy Pelosi/Chris Long/The Wind

Listen in and find out why!

Skip forward to Resistor of the Week – Nancy Pelosi/Chris Long/The Wind @1:00:09

Listen in at 3:00PM EST and again at 3:00 PST (6 PM EST) on SiriusXM! Or listen whenever you want on the SiriusXM App!

And be sure to give your ears the gift of THE WOW REPORT on Radio Andy SiriusXM EVERY Friday.

Do something this weekend that makes YOU go WOW!!!

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