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Floss! Question Authority! Date Porn Stars! – The Best (and Worst) Advice Bruce LaBruce Ever Received


Sleek mag sits down with radical queer filmmaker and all-around legend Bruce LaBruce to talk about the five best and worst pieces of advice he’s ever received.

Says the magazine:

Over the past 25 years, LaBruce’s work has been confronting (and often obliterating) prescriptive ideals of what’s “safe for work”, what’s politically correct, what can or can’t be erotic, and what’s “in bad taste”.

With a vast creative output which deeply penetrates our notions of sexuality, gender, arousal and taste, it should come as little surprise that many have offered their judgement and advice to LaBruce over the years — some solicited and useful, and some shockingly dumb. To celebrate the online release of [his new retrospective] “FAGGOTRY”, LaBruce shared with us the 5 best and worst pieces of advice he’s ever received. Coming into this week, we never thought it would end with Bruce LaBruce telling us to up our dental hygiene game, but the world is full of surprises.

Among the best pieces of advice he’s ever received?


This is so banal! Lol. When I was a kid I never felt like I had the time to floss. Now I’m religious about it. I literally brought my gums back from the dead!

Question authority

One of my mentors, the late, great film critic Robin Wood, taught us this one main rule of thumb. I studied with Robin Wood all through university. He was a true iconoclast and radical thinker. When he came out as gay in his forties, he wrote an influential piece called “Responsibilities of the Gay Art Critic.” It rocked my world. But he always reminded us to question his authority as well!

Always be on time for your photo shoot.

Punks aren’t necessarily known for their timekeeping skills, but when I was a queer punk in the eighties we were very strict about being on time for our photo shoots or arriving at film sets. Priorities!

Among the worst:

Don’t date hustlers or porn stars

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that hustlers and porn stars — the good ones — tend to have a very open sexuality that isn’t judgmental or boxed in. They’re more sexually liberated. So if you are lucky enough to date one, by all means! I know hustlers who are sexual healers. Most prostitutes will have sex with very old people. Of course it’s for money, but it also involves a sexual generosity. When there used to be actual hustler bars, there was often a sense of camaraderie and mentoring going on between the generations, along with the exchange of gifts and cash. From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs!


Just don’t. But paradoxically, politeness and manners are important too. Figure out how to do both at once.

For more good and bad advice, read the whole article here.

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