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#LGBTQ: Netflix Reboots “Queer Eye” For a New Binge-y Audience. Watch


Bobby Berk, left, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness and Tan France.
Photo, Gavin Bond/ Netflix

Yes, the Queer Eye is back with a new cast on Netflix. Producer David Collins says the reboot, besides the all-new cast, will be different. He told Deadline,

We have no commercial breaks! We don’t have recaps and tag-ins and tag-outs. We get to tell a whole story.

There’s no question that the water-cooler, appointment viewing and the Netflix experience are two different worlds. I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive, though. The unknown still is that we’re going to put eight episodes of Queer Eye, each one of them a little meal in itself. If you sit down, how many courses of that meal are you going to have?

It will be interesting to see how binge-y it is, or whether people say, ‘I don’t know, I think I’m going to have one on Monday, one on Tuesday and three or four over the weekend.‘”

The original Fab 5:
Filicia, Allen, Kressley, Douglas & Rodriguez

The original, of course, was called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (my ex, Roswell Hamrick worked on it as an art director) and it really did change the way the world looked at LGBTQ life.

The reboot’s brand new “Fab Five” are Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown and Tan France. Like the original cast that starred Kyan Douglas, Ted Allen, Jai Rodriguez, Thom Filicia and Drag Race Judge Carson Kressley, they will offer expertise to those who need it in areas like food and wine, fashion, grooming, culture and fashion. The new show’s first season was shot in and around Atlanta last spring, a change from the original’s NYC locale.

Collins said that so many new avenues are open to this 2018 version.

Fifteen years ago, we would never have been able to say ‘my husband.’ or ‘my boyfriend’ or, more importantly, ‘my kids.’ I’m a dad of twin 9-year-old girls and my life’s dramatically different. Fifteen years ago, the Fab Five sort of swooped in and they were the glossy version of themselves. This version is much more true, much more authentic.

It’s much more verité. We’re able to have much more of the flow of the docu-story that runs full. … As a viewer, I get to know the guys. I get to know that Bobby grew up as an evangelical Southern boy who had an interesting story. Tan France, a Muslim, ended up marrying a Mormon cowboy. All of these stories we get to learn now.

The guys really get to speak their heart.”

Here some classic quotes from the guys:

TAN FRANCE (fashion) A British-born fashion entrepreneur.
I’m sorry, but there’s no way that’s acceptable anywhere other than — God, I don’t even know where you’d wear that.

JONATHAN VAN NESS (grooming) A hairstylist with a gone-viral web series (Gay of Thrones) and a penchant for flinging his hair about.
How you take care of yourself is how the world sees you.

KARAMO BROWN (culture) A single dad, and the first openly gay black man on MTV’s The Real World.
I need [the makeover subject] to learn from me and I need to learn from him.

ANTONI POROWSKI (food/wine) Canadian-born protégé and eventual personal chef of original QE foodie (and current Food Network star) Ted Allen.
Introducing things that are fresh into [one’s] diet — that’s so simple.

BOBBY BERK (design) An interior designer and former creative director at Portico Home & Spa. “[He’s] really stuck in time in this space — it’s the room of a 12-year-old.

Queer Eye premieres Feb. 7 on Netflix. To binge to not to binge, that is the question?

(via Deadline)

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