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#NotSoTinder: Woman Accused of Destroying Warhol Paintings on a First Date (with a Millionaire Trump Supporter)


Lindy Lou Layman’s mug shot (Photo, HPD)

Rick Perry, Trump in Buzbee’s home in 2015 (Photo, Facebook)

In the history of bad first dates, this one has to rank in the top 100, at least…

A freelance court reporter, named Lindy Lou Layman (I kid you not) is accused of destroying a two $500,000 Andy Warhol paintings in a drunken rampage on a first date with prominent Texas lawyer, Anthony Buzbee. Layman’s lawyer, Justin Keiter, told the Houston Chronicle.

We certainly disagree with Mr. Buzbee’s rendition of the facts when he spoke to the media and we disagree with what was said in probable cause court.

When asked about what actually DID happen on December 23, he said,

I’ll save that for the courtroom.

Buzbee said that Layman got drunk on their date and refused to leave his Houston home, where she hid after repeated attempts to call her in an Uber failed.

Layman, 29, is accused of ripping down paintings and pouring red wine on artwork. The damaged Warhols were valued at $500,000, each, according to court documents. She’s accused of also throwing two $20,000 sculptures across the room and shattering them.

Buzbee told Texas Lawyer magazine,

She also pulled a Renoir and a Monet off the wall. Luckily those weren’t damaged.

Buzbee has represented Energy Secretary (& former TX Gov) Rick Perry in an abuse-of-power case, and Trump has visited his home where Buzbee held a fundraiser and donated $250,000 to his presidential campaign.

Terrible to destroy artwork crazy girl, but I’m no fan of Buzbee’s pals. Layman is now out after posting her $30,000 bail.

Good news, though. We’ve heard that there will be a second date –in court.

Buzbee’s River Oaks mansion set a Houston sales record, according to the Houston Association of Realtors, selling for $14 million

(via Houston Chronicle)

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