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#GraveNewWorld: Art Collective “Indecline” Installed Gravestones at Trump’s Golf Course in NJ


Last Friday night, on the first anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, people wearing ski masks pulled up in a Time Warner Cable van (aren’t they Spectrum now?) at a golf course in New Jersey and proceeded to install six gravestones and after the sun came up, they came back to document the scene

An anonymous representative of the guerrilla street art group Indecline (who installed naked Trump statues in public parks throughout the country in 2016) told told Hyperallergic they decided to create a sort of

“political report card, in essence, a year in review.”

It’s titled Grave New World, and the project’s 6 gravestones mark the end of things. Indecline’s rep noted that they really had to narrow down the gravestones from “a diverse selection of things Trump fucked up” in the last year.

“We would have needed a much larger budget to cover everything.”

They are:

Decency – died with Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017. As the stone says, “We ‘moved on her like a bitch’”

The Last Snowman, which died the day Trump decided to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement. “Rest assured he was giving a scientist the finger as he went”

The Death of the American Dream which went with the immigration ban

Our Future, gone with the end of DACA

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the arrival of Mick Mulvaney

Those Bootstraps They Keep Talking About, went with the latest tax bill

The placement of the gravestones, the group fittingly chose the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, where a Washington Post article from last March said that Trump wants to be buried.

The source didn’t know whether or not “Grave New World” was already taken down and even the mayor of the town didn’t seem to be that concerned. The Indecline rep told Hyperallergic:

“It’s January. No one’s golfing.”

(Photos, Indecline; via Hyperallergic)

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