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Morgan McMichaels Joins Us for The Top Ten Things That Make Us Go WOW! And Fenton’s LIVE from Sundance!


Morgan McMichaels – from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 2 AND All Stars 3 (which just premiered last night on VH1) – joins us for this week’s WOW Report: Top Ten Things That Make Us Go WOW for Radio Andy! As if that weren’t enough, our fearless leader Fenton Bailey is joining us LIVE from the mountain tops of Park City, Utah where he’s giving us the inside scoop on this year’s Sundance Film Festival!

WOWers, World of Wonder Co-Founder Fenton Bailey, Executive VP of Development Tom Campbell, and WOW Report Editor James St. James have collaborated with reality TV guru and friend of WOW, Andy Cohen, on a weekly Top Ten Countdown of the things from the past week that make us go…WOW!

It’s a pop-culture obsessed hour complete with colorful diatribes, opposing opinions, and a dissection-like discussion that will make your drive home from work more fabulous!

You can now WATCH us recording the WOW Report in our gallery storefront on Hollywood Boulevard, just across the street from Hollywood’s oldest restaurant Musso & Frank!

This week, we’re counting down the top ten stories of 2017 that made us go WOW!  We air TODAY at 3PM EST on SiriusXM, and again at 3PM PST (that’s 6PM EST). You can also catch the show on the SiriusXM app!

Let’s get started…

10) Sundance ‘18 – RBG & Seeing Allred 

Fenton LOVED the documentaries RBG – about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and heading to CNN – and Seeing Allred which is about Gloria Allred and premieres February 9 on Netflix.

Skip forward to Sundance ‘18 – RBG & Seeing Allred @01:03

9) Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu 

James just got Hulu! So he’s binging Runaways, and absolutely loves it! Check out the trailer:

Skip forward to Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu @07:11

8) Morgan McMichaels on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 

We discuss Morgan McMichaels, RuPaul’s All Stars 3, and the phenomenon the show has become since Morgan was last on it back in season 2!

Skip forward to Morgan McMichaels on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 @12:07

7) Sundance ’18 – Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story 

Fenton had the chance to see the very rarely shown Todd Haynes film Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story while at Sundance. Hear what he thought of it!

Skip forward to Sundance ’18 – Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story Chef Flynn @22:16

6) My! My! My! Look at Troye Sivan NOW! 

After seeing Troye Sivan on SNL recently and finding out his hot new tunes are written by WOWlebrity Leland, we’re in LOVE with this gay teen pop sensation!

Skip forward to My! My! My! Look at Troye Sivan NOW! @27:13

5) Two’s Company: Suzanne Somers & Trump 

Find out what we thought about has-been Suzanne Somers proclaiming her love for Trump to TMZ.

Skip forward to Two’s Company: Suzanne Somers & Trump @32:59

4) Sundance ’18 – Westwood & Chef Flynn 

Fenton fills us in on two more MUST-SEE documentaries shown at Sundance – Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist & Chef Flynn about “the Justin Bieber of food” Flynn McGarry.

Skip forward to Sundance ’18 – Westwood & Chef Flynn @39:42

3) Netflix Pick: The New Monolo Blahnik Doc 

It wouldn’t be a show without James St. James talking about something he watched on Netflix, right? This week it was Manola: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards.

Skip forward to Netflix Pick: The New Monolo Blahnik Doc @47:53

2) Electric Avenue: Chevrolet Bolt vs Tesla Model 3 

Tom may be in the market for a new car. Should he go with the underdog – the affordable Chevrolet Bolt? Or be sexy and flashy in the new Tesla Model 3 – which he’ll have to wait over a year for? Or should he just walk?

Skip forward to Electric Avenue: Chevrolet Bolt vs Tesla Model 3 @50:53

1) Oscar Nominations: Who Got Snubbed? 

Did you favorite film of the year get nominated? Did it get snubbed?

Skip forward to Oscar Nominations: Who Got Snubbed? @58:09

Resistor of the Week – Women’s Marchers 

Resistor of the Week – Women’s Marchers @1:02:47

Listen in at 3:00PM EST and again at 3:00 PST (6 PM EST) on SiriusXM! Or listen whenever you want on the SiriusXM App!

And be sure to give your ears the gift of THE WOW REPORT on Radio Andy SiriusXM EVERY Friday.

Do something this weekend that makes YOU go WOW!!!

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