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#CaughtInTheAct?: Courtney Act’s Skirt Falls Off (Twice!) In the “Celebrity Big Brother” House! Watch.



Courtney Act entered the Celebrity Big Brother UK house with some major drama on Friday night. As she was making her grand entrance walking down the stairs just before entering the house, she gets her foot caught in her sequin skirt and it rips off and the camera pans away and overhead as she tries to wrap her skirt back on. But pics were snapped of her impressive tuck (and flat abs) and of course, they’ve gone viral.

And as soon as she got into the house still flustered from the episode, as she was introducing herself to the other housemates, it fell off again!

Fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race stars were NOT going to miss this opportunity to throw some shade and support. Alaska tweeted:

“I love Courtney Act’s pussy.”

Trixie Mattel tweeted,

“Courtney Act almost wins drag race and has hit albums; people sleep on her. She gets snatched naked entering Big Brother – the gays ‘YES MY FAVE RELATABLE MY QUEEN ME AF.’”

And Kim Chi tweeted:

“Your new meme queen of the year.”

But some felt sorry for Courtney, while others speculated it may have been all an ACT. (Get it?)

One fan tweeted:

“Courtney is a show woman, she knows how to make an entrance, of course it was staged.”

London drag queen, Precious, wrote,

“I’m not saying she knew what she was doing, but I am saying she is a Drag Queen. Stealing the show and mocking pop culture is our thing.”

Watch the clip. Do you think it was all an act…?

(Photos, YouTube, Twitter; via Gay Star News)

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