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Rebellions, Protests, and Earthquakes, Oh My! Flamboyant Psychic Walter Mercado Warns of “Aggressive Human Conduct” in 2018


Psychic/astrologist/wowlebrity/drop-dead diva Walter Mercado (star of ¡Viva Hollywood!has come out with his yearly predictions, and, well, things look pretty bleak. But then you probably guessed that already. Particularly worrying is that Mars will play a leading role as it transits through Aquarius for the first five months.

“This planetary combination will shake the world with rebellions, protests, earthquakes; and human conduct will be very aggressive,” he claims.

Oh dear. He foresees radical changes in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Spain, among other countries. Although ultimately:

“Democracy and human rights take charge,” he assures.

“Change will be inevitable, but growth is optional.”

Hmmm. Change is inevitable, growth is optional. I like that. Very Zen.

It’s not all gloom and doom, though.

On a positive note, he adds:

“Mars will fill us with passion and will make us more proactive.

“In general, 2018 will be a year of union, fraternity and infinite compassion,” he predicts. “It will be yang year, positive, with a lot of initiative, daring, brave, [a year] of faith in God and each one of us.”

So a little bit of good, a little bit of bad. Like most years, I suppose.

He also blessed us with individual predictions based on our astrological signs.

ARIES: Even if the world shakes, you will remain at the center of all controversy. You will associate with high beings that will accept you just as you are. Your personality becomes sweeter and you will win over the hearts of those who tried to dethrone you. Take care of your energy level so that you can shine in all activities. In the year of the dog, you will get to know yourself better and accept your own flaws and virtues. It’s a year of healthy and fruitful unions.

TAURUS: Everything you lost in past years will be returned with profit. Money will fall from the sky like manna. Dreams that seem impossible will come true. You will love and be loved like in a soap opera. You will be the heart and mind of your entire family. You will regain reason after all your crazy deeds. You will be reborn with all the wisdom of your past lives.

GEMINI: If you were versatile in the past, this year you will win the Oscar for your endeavors. You will take on thousands of roles and all with success. With Saturn at the cusp, in Capricorn, everything that happens will be educational. You will break out of indecision, of old traumas and let the world enjoy all the beauty and richness within you.

CANCER: Trips, foreigners, art, new studies and a new philosophy will embellish your 2018. Your psychic abilities will be unlimited. You will have dreams and premonitions. Believe in the messages you receive spiritually. Your self-esteem grows and you will value yourself like you deserve. Love with a Leo or Sagittarius will be the flame that will spark your passion and creativity. You will be the best guide, psychologist and friend of all those who need your light. 2018 will be a year to try your luck and dare to do all that once scared you. Nothing will be impossible for you if you set your mind to it.

LEO: Your life stabilizes. You will be clearer about your goals and objectives. It’s a great year to buy a new house, move or have a change of scenery. You will be wiser and more mature in making decisions. Even if you’re in a partnership, your desire to liberate yourself and become independent increases. People that marked your life come back totally transformed. It’s a great year to get married or celebrate a new honeymoon. It’s a time to travel, cultivate your intellect and improve your life in every way. Your words can inspire many if you are a positive lion. Saturn will make you face realities that will help you heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. Your kids (if you have them) will make you feel lucky. What you planted in them, will now blossom.

VIRGO: Everything you suffered in the last two years was preparing you for what’s coming in 2018. Get ready to enjoy a year filled with surprises and divine gifts. Spiritual forces will protect you from all the evil around you. You will feel like a survivor after a storm. Those who claimed to be your friends, may not be, but that will benefit you. You will unite with beings of light that will help you accomplish your most ambitious desires. With Saturn in Capricorn, nothing will be impossible for you. You will have supernatural experiences that will surprise you. You will get the answers to many questions you have asked yourself. Jupiter will make you a master of communication. Your words will awaken the conscience of others. You will communicate from heart to heart. You will defend your truth and your rights and win any discussion or fight. Pluto keeps teaching you about family and home life.

LIBRA: The Divine grants you this year to be happy, have money, love and most of all, health. Not everything will be perfect because you live in a society filled with negative events and toxic beings can affect us. Decree that no matter what happens, you will remain above it all. No one will make you unhappy if you don’t allow it. 2018 is a year to be more selfish in a positive way, to take care of yourself, pamper and love yourself more.

SCORPIO: It’s a year of purification, preparation and accomplishments. It’s a year of transition and initiation. With Jupiter hovering over you, you are totally protected by good luck. Guardian angels protect you and lead you down a good path. In love, you give orders and others obey. You will break free from addictions and emotional dependencies that affected you for many years. No one will be able to take advantage of your generous heart. Your growing prosperity will make headlines this year. Believe that you deserve everything good coming your way in 2018.

SAGITTARIUS: Your legendary prophetic abilities will grow. You will have premonitions of everything that will happen and be able to see through the hearts of those that interest you. Your advice will be very valuable to those willing to listen. You will not criticize or judge anyone, and you will live your life without worrying so much about the lives of others. You will begin to enjoy more the simple things God grants you every day. In love, peace and compatibility will reign. In your professional life, your talents will be recognized. Your health will also be restored, you will feel yourself reborn with new enthusiasm. After November 8, 2018, will be your year of greatest glories and accomplishments.

CAPRICORN: You will feel that you are protected by guardian angels. Spirituality will be your salvation this year. Your strategies will change and it will benefit you. Get rid of everything you don’t use and renovate your home and life. You settle down in your love life and build a new home. Your children or dependents will make you feel happy and proud. Your psychic powers will light the way to great success. What was difficult for you in the past and required sacrifice, will be transformed into lessons and blessings in 2018.

AQUARIUS: Your family life, your financial life and your profound spirituality will all collaborate beautifully. Remember that spirituality equals richness, protection and a spring of blessings. When you are truly spiritual you have it all — love, money, health — and you should share it with those you love. All those who join you will bring you progress and personal growth. 2018 will be unforgettable for more than one reason.

PISCES: With your regent Neptune on your sign, you will be a magician and prophet. Nothing will escape your intuition. Your psychic power will be limitless. You won’t put anyone above you and you will understand that the same divine light that shines in enlightened masters, also illuminates your mind and heart. You will no longer play the victim role in love, you will now be the master. “No” doesn’t exist for you. The universe wants to reward you for all your good and charitable actions in the past.

(via People)

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