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This Naked Guy Is in the Middle of a Heated Controversy Over the Vatican’s Nativity Scene


The Vatican unveiled its official Nativity scene which some conservative Christians are not happy about about and some are calling “sexually suggestive.”

The center of the scene are traditional figures representing the birth of the baby Jesus that is surrounded by twenty terra cotta figurative sculptures representing

seven corporal works of mercy.

And one of those works of mercy is literally clothing the naked. But this naked homeless person has great genetics or has been hitting the gym naked because he is way HOT. TOO hot for some “religious” folks, it seems.

And SURPRISE! conservative Christians had many complaints about the Nativity scene, especially that it draws attention away from the little baby Jesus with a naked hot dude right in the middle.

Less restrained folks said that it was a sign that the Pope is the antichrist.

And right-wing Americans (aka, Trump supporters) didn’t miss a chance to criticize the Vatican.

LifeSiteNews went full-on conspiracy theory writing that it,

has troubling ties to Italy’s LGBT activists.

Catholic Family News ran a story about it with the headline,

Obscene Vatican Nativity Lauded By LGBT Activists – Too Racy For Facebook

The designer of the controversial scene, Antonio Cantone, said it was intended to make people think.

It is not an immature nativity scene, it is particular and makes us reflect. It does not leave one indifferent, there are provocations.

If you ask me, repressed Americans (i.e., Christians) see S.E.X. whenever they see any kind of nudity. It’s just a naked body, the way their God made it, right? Just with a six-pack.

(via LGBTQ Nation)

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