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#HoHoHoBitches!: Cher Has Some New Holiday Merch (But Only One Xmas Wish) “Someone Step On His F*cking Phone!”


Yes, Cher is a woman who has it all and this year she has just one holiday wish:

Someone step on his fucking phone.

Guess who she’s talking about? If you follow her on Twitter, you know. Cher tweets a LOT about Trump’s tweets,

You have no idea the amount of tweets I do that I don’t send. It just makes me feel better to say every single thing I want, but I don’t send them —I keep them on file. Maybe at some point I will. I have a really bad temper when it comes to injustice and things that I think are just crazy.

So, what’s the connection to POTUS and her new holiday merch? Twitter was the catalyst for her new line. A couple of years ago, one member of the massive “chick crew,” as Cher’s fans refer to themselves replied and said she should do a line of ugly Christmas sweaters, tees, and beanies. Now that idea has actually become real and that merch has gone live on her site.

Despite her fury at the president, Cher told Vogue she is excited for the holidays and her merch drop.

I really have fun with it and it’s, of course, all very positive. We put swag stuff all around. It just goes into that kind of insane Christmas mode that you don’t ever want to do again, but you do every year anyway.

My favorite tradition is hanging these stockings I made for Chaz [Bono] and Elijah [Blue Allman]. I needlepointed them one year when I was completely out of my mind. We were filming Silkwood and Meryl [Streep] was knitting a sweater for Don [her husband], which was, like, the most insane sweater because she never made one before and it looked like an octopus or something. Then I thought I should try knitting because we were so bored sitting around on set. I got a needlepointing thing and made a stocking for Chaz with this beautiful Santa Claus on it.”

Problem was once Elijah got a look…

He said, ‘Where’s mine, Mom?’ and I thought, Oh Jesus, I have to knit another, so I did. I was knitting in every photo shoot, interview, anything, just to get it done in time for Christmas. I put those two stockings up every single year.

And she even has her version of the ugly Christmas sweaters

We really went out of our way to find the ugliest motifs and fonts for those sweatshirts. We went through three designs or something. It’s hard because you want to make them as ugly as possible.

See below, in purple it’s UGLY. Slightly less so in black. Cher also has a lovely New Year’s wish for everyone…

“I’m so positive about him not being here next year, because he will be in jail.”

Ho, ho, ho, bitch!

(T/Y Susan; via Vogue)

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