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#DumbAndDumberAndDumbest: Melania Gets Pearl Harbor Date Wrong, Trump Misquotes FDR & Ivanka Gives Us a “Peak”


We are all human and we ALL make mistakes. (You can probably find some I made in this post.) But once you are in the spotlight and tweeting as FLOTUS, POTUS or the First Daughter, you’d better double-check your work. And watch out for trolls.

Melania wrote, in a now-deleted tweet,

“Today we honor Pearl Harbor heroes 11/7/1941. Thank you to all military for your courage and sacrifice.”

Hey, cut her some slack! She was only off by a month. (Pearl Harbor is Dec. 7, not in November, as every third grader knows.)

The tweet was deleted and republished with the correct date, but do you think Twitter let it go? Yeah, no. Two of my faves were,

“What happened to 11/7/1941? That was a bigly day! I miss the old tweet!”

“Waiting for when 9/11 comes around and we remember 8/11.”

Trump also made an error in his own tweet commemorating Pearl Harbor, misquoting President Roosevelt’s speech following the bombing. Trump wrote:

“National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day – “A day that will live in infamy!” December 7, 1941.”

Right date this time, wrong quote. Again, grade schoolers know FDR’s speech by heart (at least THAT part) It is

“a date which will live in infamy.”

As the man NEVER admits mistakes, he didn’t delete the misquote, following up his message with an even longer tweet.

And Ivanka wanted in on this dumbass action too and Instagrammed a pic of her kid under her skirt and wrote,


For those of you making notes, it’s “peek” unless she was referring to this nightmare of an administration’s comparison to Twin Peaks.

My fave response had to do with her Dad peeking out from behind bars.

Think I’m being unfair? People make mistakes, right? (65 million Americans made a BIG ONE last November.) Kids, this is only two days this week. You want MORE examples?

OK jeez, it’s still early, I need to wake up. Anyone wanna covfefe?

(via Newsweek)

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