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#WorldAidsDay: A Remembrance of Those Taken by the Plague



AIDS is a disease of the immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The majority of people with the virus don’t know they have it. The disease is devastating Africa. The continent is home to about 14.5% of the world’s population and 72% of all AIDS deaths.

In 1969, an American teenager from Missouri named Robert R. became the earliest confirmed victim of AIDS. It remains unclear how Robert got the virus. A woman named Kimberly Bergalis was the first person to get HIV from a clinical transmission. She received the virus from her dentist.

Since the beginning of the plague, more than 70 million people have been infected with the HIV and about 35 million people have died of HIV.

Globally, 40 million people are living with HIV. More than 1.1 million people in the USA are living with HIV today, and one in seven of them don’t know it.

An estimated 37,600 Americans became newly infected with HIV in 2016.

From 2008 to 2016, the estimated number of annual HIV infections in the U.S. declined 18%.

Gay and bisexual men, particularly young African American gay and bisexual men, are most affected.

Southern states bear the greatest burden of HIV, accounting for 50% of new infections in 2016.

It is mostly considered to be a manageable medical condition in our own time, but in the USA, 6,721 people died from HIV and AIDS last year.

Worldwide, an estimated one million people died from HIV-related illnesses in 2016.

Since the spread of HIV, hundreds of famous people have died from the disease. Except for Ryan White, the young activist that changed the public’s perception of HIV, everyone on this list had an established and notable career before getting HIV. It is an incomplete list. There is no particular order.

Please add the names of anyone I left out, plus your own friends, lovers and comrades, in the comments on World Of Wonder’s Facebook page. Let’s never forget.

Taken By HIV/AIDS:

Robert Mapplethorpe

Freddie Mercury

Rudolf Nureyev

Michael Bennett


Rock Hudson

Keith Haring

Herb Ritts

Bruce Chatwin

Gia Carangi

Isaac Asimov

Anthony Perkins

Leigh Bowery

Ricky Wilson

Ryan White

Robert Reed

Charles Ludlam

Tina Chow

Arthur Ashe

Brad Davis

Casey Donovan

Way Bandy

Leonard Matlovich

Peter Hujar

Wayland Flowers

Leonard Frey

Tony Richardson

Denholm Elliott


Max Robinson

Howard Rollins

Dack Rambo

Peter Allen

John Holmes


Elizabeth Glaser

Marlon Riggs

Erik Bruhn

David Wojnarowicz

Perry Ellis

Tom Eyen

Néstor Almendros

James Kirkwood

Ray Sharkey

Lance Loud

photo via YouTube

Klaus Nomi

Willi Ninja

John Curry

Michael Callen

Michael Jeter

Pedro Zamora

John Boswell

Randy Shilts

Vito Russo

Arthur Russell

Glenn Burke

Amanda Blake


Michel Foucault

Derek Jarman

Alvin Ailey

Steve Rubell

Howard Ashman

Ian Charleson


World AIDS Day is commemorated each year on the 1st of December and is an opportunity for every community to unite in the fight against HIV, show support for people living with HIV and remember those who have passed away.

In Britain, Prince Harry and the actor Meghan Markle lent their support to a World Aids Day charity fair. Attending their first public event as an engaged couple, they were shown one of 48 UK Aids Memorial Quilts.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron took an HIV test a visit at the Delafontaine Hospital in Saint-Denis, near Paris.

In Washington DC, POTUS issued a statement marking the date. But in a break with tradition, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, out vulgarians president did not mention the specific minorities who were disproportionately affected by the plague in his proclamation.

Mariah Carey, DJ Khaled and Mario Lopez performed in the 30th anniversary concert for World Aids Day in LA.

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