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Madison Hildebrand Talks Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Changes From Season 1 to Season 10, & SO MUCH MORE


Madison Hildebrand is BACK for season 10 of MDLLA!

Have you been enjoying the 10th season of Million Dollar Listing: LA? After skipping a week for Thanksgiving (sorry y’all!) the next episode airs tomorrow night on Bravo at 9/8c.

Celebrating the 10th season (can you even believe it?) we’re talking to the cast members about everything season 10, how much it’s changed since they started, & seriously so much more! Next up on the list is none other than Madison Hildebrand!

The Malibu maven has been around since the beginning of the series, despite taking some time off for a couple seasons, but he’s back and better than EVER for season 10!

Seriously! He’s got a new boo, he’s remodeling his house, he’s relaxed, he’s happy, and so much more!

So get excited for the rest of season 10 by reading our interview with Madison below!

Chelsea Perrotty: How do you feel MDL LA has changed since season one to the upcoming season 10?

Madison Hildebrand: Oh my gosh in every way possible. From equipment to style. From real estate to the crew. I mean just the production quality alone. The drama, I mean I’m an original cast member so I’ve seen it all.  

The original producers had never even bought a house so they didn’t even understand the process and now we have an amazing production team. From my point of view it’s highly efficient and the clients are now more willing to go on TV. They understand what it is. There’s a natural flow to it that’s uninterrupted which I think makes it even more relatable.

C: How have you personally changed from season 1 to season 10?

Madison: I’ve changed because I’m now 100% gay! I think being on tv and then living for 10 months and having to go back and relive your history by watching it when it actually airs… It’s a really interesting place to be in and it’s almost – I relate it to watching your golf swing on a camera and then you perfect your golf swing.

I have matured and grown and been criticized and attacked and put under pressure in all these situations and then I watch myself on tv – I see the mannerisms. I smile and laugh in moments that I am uncomfortable and that’s not appropriate. It’s like a fast forward self critique. If you are willing and open minded to it- it brings you to that next level.

I get to be more grounded – more self aware. I get to grow as a realtor and as a human being. I also get really thick skin because America isn’t always nice even though my character and my personality on TV is the nice guy. I still get name called!

C: What has been your favorite listing on the show?

Madison: Oh my god, I have no idea! For me it wasn’t even about the real estate, honestly it was about the no hate campaign where I came out and did the body paint for them. That was a really monumental moment in my personal life and for my fans who had watched me struggle going through my journey. That moment when everyone got to see that episode which of course I was terrified to do was when I was finally embraced by a community.

People were very uncomfortable especially when I was straight and they knew that I wasn’t. They were uncomfortable with me being a hybrid and when I finally committed to being gay it was like “ok the gay community is going to accept me.” And so will the rest of America because I made a claim to who I am. That episode was the one that finally changed the way people saw me and the way I got to live my own life in my own shoes.  It gave me a purpose. You know I had a platform to help America.

I purposely threw out my sexuality journey for over 3 seasons because it was a real personal struggle that I went through. It didn’t happen overnight and I knew people that were going through the same thing and it showed them that you can be young and successful and still be confused.

C: What are the top 5 real estate tips that you always tell all of your clients?

Madison: Do your due diligence a few months prior to listing your house. Take the advice of the agent in preparing your house for the market. Because a fresh coat of paint and mow & blow as we say – the landscaping sets your first impression. It makes a huge difference.

Depersonalizing and decluttering are real estate 101. It’s not rocket science but it’s something you have to do. Period. You are going to move any way so think of it as getting paid to move. That’s what I tell my clients. You’re going to have to start packing anyways so start packing now. People are going to respond better and get paid more money for it. You’re getting paid to move early.

I also like to have my sellers do some of the major inspections. Price your home to sell in the first 60 days. Because if you go into escrow and sell your home you did not undersell it but if you go beyond 60 days what you are looking at is a price reduction. We’re looking at a 5 to 10% deduction in price. So, that demand is critical.

C: You’ve got a new beau! How is this relationship different than others you’ve had?

Madison: Basically, I was at liberty to exclude my personal life from filming which then actually allowed me to date and be vulnerable without the pressure of a TV show on my back. Once our relationship became what it was and it moved at its own natural pace I felt comfortable introducing the cameras to the relationship as opposed to introducing the cameras to that first date.

Trying to make a relationship work with cameras following you from day one is extremely awkward. That’s from the camera point of view. The relationship – we support each other in every way. He makes me laugh. We’re best friends, we’re lovers, we live together. It’s all the qualities I was looking for and I’ve also matured to where I’m not afraid to be vulnerable. It’s really paid off.

C: What’s one the moments you’re most excited to watch play out on this season of MDLLA?

Madison: As much as I hate the drama, I’m interested in seeing how Tantalus unfolds this season. It made me look like I was doing something shady last year. This season vindicates me because I was hired back because of my integrity and expertise. And, of course, the season finale because I have no idea how that is going to be aired.

C: Why should fans tune in to watch you on this season of MDLLA?

Madison: They are going to see a whole new Madison. Not only do I bring real strategy to each of my listings, but I reveal my secrets that I actually do. I’m not afraid to air my process. I’m not reinventing the wheel, I’m executing it.

I also really open up my personal life – I’m going through a complete remodel of my home. You get to see that. You meet some of my family members for the first time at the same time that my boyfriend does. It’s at a family reunion. You get to see us go through so much real life… and that’s what the show is about that and you see what my REAL real estate life is. I do not hold back this season one single bit.

Million Dollar Listing LA airs every Thursday night at 9/8c on Bravo!

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